Thank You

Thank you for coming into my life

Thank you for loving me the way you knew how

Thank you for protecting me when you could

Thank you for promising to not be like my ex

Thank you for complimenting me when you saw an opportunity

Thank you for marrying me

Thank you for making me a mom…twice

Thank you for entertaining those “empty” compliments

Thank you for making them feel important

Thank you for not controlling what they put

Thank you for admitting no one wants you

Thank you for being such a good liar

Thank you for explaining this is no longer the life you want

Thank you for moving out

Thank you for showing me I can live this life without you

Thank you for showing me what I ask for is not too much

Thank you for showing me my feelings will never be more than just an argument

Thank you for removing me publicly as your wife

Thank you for moving so smoothly from day to day without a “good morning” text or “hey how you doing”

Thank you for never putting in or lifting a figure when visiting the house

Thank you for giving what you can when you say can or when you say could

Thank you for being the next item on my list of shit I will no longer accept, or put up with

Thank you for the memories, tears, hurt, and anger throughout my 20s

Thank you for showing me to always put yourself first…even before your kids

Thank you for 4 years of marriage, 2 I spent wishing I didn’t know you or shall I say wishing you would’ve become the man you promised…or a man

Thank you for showing me there is someone out there who will take me for who I am

As I reflect back on my 20s and time with you, when I say “Thank you” , I mean – I really do

Cause this is not only the last year in my 20s, but my last year with you.

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