Thank You

Thank you for coming into my life

Thank you for loving me the way you knew how

Thank you for protecting me when you could

Thank you for promising to not be like my ex

Thank you for complimenting me when you saw an opportunity

Thank you for marrying me

Thank you for making me a mom…twice

Thank you for entertaining those “empty” compliments

Thank you for making them feel important

Thank you for not controlling what they put

Thank you for admitting no one wants you

Thank you for being such a good liar

Thank you for explaining this is no longer the life you want

Thank you for moving out

Thank you for showing me I can live this life without you

Thank you for showing me what I ask for is not too much

Thank you for showing me my feelings will never be more than just an argument

Thank you for removing me publicly as your wife

Thank you for moving so smoothly from day to day without a “good morning” text or “hey how you doing”

Thank you for never putting in or lifting a figure when visiting the house

Thank you for giving what you can when you say can or when you say could

Thank you for being the next item on my list of shit I will no longer accept, or put up with

Thank you for the memories, tears, hurt, and anger throughout my 20s

Thank you for showing me to always put yourself first…even before your kids

Thank you for 4 years of marriage, 2 I spent wishing I didn’t know you or shall I say wishing you would’ve become the man you promised…or a man

Thank you for showing me there is someone out there who will take me for who I am

As I reflect back on my 20s and time with you, when I say “Thank you” , I mean – I really do

Cause this is not only the last year in my 20s, but my last year with you.

Who’s never been to a water park?!

Funny story, I’ve lived all my life in Tampa, Fl and not once have I been to Adventure Island, or any water park. The beach only.

When I was let go from my job, I was sad, hurt, upset, you name it. But I saw it as more time with my boys…until I got a new job. Well with this now time off, I thought I would take the boys to visit family before summer is over and school is back in. I talked it over with my mom and she decided I should take them to see my god-mother and sister in Ohio – They’re currently at the Ronald McDonald house. She said this is different, you’ll get to enjoy the scenery along the way, and will be another traveling experience I can mark off.

I was hesitant at first because it would be me and the boys on an unfamiliar road traveling through states on our own. But when I thought about it, I said that’s the same thing I did, when I first moved away to North Carolina. I was pregnant with my second and my grandmother was with me, but it was a new beginning.

We, meaning myself, did laundry, packed, cleaned the house, my school work, and etc… before I knew it it was time to get some sleep because we had a long but not so long, trip ahead of us.

Talk about a beautiful view! When I fly, I try to get window seats to enjoy the view from above, but this time it felt like I had front row seats to it all!

As we got closer to West VA, I called my mom to check in and let her know what’s around us, that way you she can track where we are or close to, and what to expect. Well, what she shared next was something I could’ve did without!

She asks, “Do you see a lot of green yet?” I repeated “A lot of green?! What’s that suppose to mean?” She asks “Okay, do you see a lot more than usual? You should be coming up on The George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.” I’m looking around and I answer “Yes, I see a few cows, some open area and a lot of green!” She laughs a bit and says “Okay” then she pauses and asked “What do you see now?” And at this point, I was ready to pull over and panic because all I saw was a huge green wall in front of me as I’m coming down, all I can think is, how the hell are we getting through?! The closer we got the worse my signal became and I lost the call.

I’m officially panicking, because we are getting closer and closer to this huge mountain! So as we come around this curve, we noticed a tunnel. My son asks “Mommy, are we going through that tunnel?” I answer, “I’m afraid so.”

Not my picture, Big Walker Mountain

We made it! We made it through!

But it didn’t stop there, apparently there are TWO tunnels to go through. I gripped the steering wheel…again, as if it were holding my hand and in we went.

Not my picture, East River Mountain

It goes without say that we made to Cincinnati, OH and back, as I wouldn’t be posting this. 😉

We truly enjoyed ourselves! We went to Spring Grove Cemetery, where I was scared by two BIG Bucks! We went to Smale Park, the Newport Aquarium, ate at Wahlburgers, went to Jungle Jim’s Int’l Market, my boys attended their first baseball game (Go Reds!) and can’t forget the reason for this blog – Soak City (Kings Island), our first EVER water park!

We got there a little before eleven and didn’t leave until after four! Talk about exhausted! My oldest told me he didn’t want to leave and that he was staying the night, and my youngest didn’t want to get out of the lazy river!

I will say this is one for the books, and I plan for MANY more road trips to come! My son loved his time at the water park so much, he told me, “Ma this is the best day ever! I love you!” I looked at him and smiled and said “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, and I love you too!” I tried not to cry because he has no idea how his life, OUR life has changed in a year and is STILL changing, but mommy made this trip possible!

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” – Winnie the Pooh

The switch up!

From being a work at home mom to an official stay at home mom in a blink of an eye, I’ve always looked for ways to switch up things! Whether dinner, breakfast, or weekend adventures – I was on it! Not to mention with being a mom and a wife, change is bound to happen and sometimes can be good. Unless, it’s your toddler one day waking up and deciding naps are no longer for him, so now you’re trying to tire out a toddler and a 5 year old.

I am not the world’s best cook, but I like to try new things (depending on what it is), so I decided I wanted to put a little twist on french toast. How did I do that? Google! Ha! If I’m not winging it, I am googling it!

So I came across this website, and the article was literally titled what I searched for, “French toast with a twist“, and thought simple enough. Plus, I had all of the ingredients! I don’t know about you, but when I search for a recipe and end up having all the ingredients, I do a little dance!

After getting the flow of things for what works best for me, I was in there like swimwear! I added a splash of vanilla extract – mmm…good!

I love the caramelize taste and it’s crunchiness, and the syrup finishes it just right!

If ever wanting something quick, easy, and simple – I definitely recommend this!

What a trip!

When I started this page, I said this would be my way to be more open. Well, for a while I struggled with what to write? What to share? Would they care to even read about this or that? But the answer is, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

On February 24th, 2019, I got my answer. I got my “This is it! Don’t disappoint” answer. But it wasn’t what I wanted. Hell, it wasn’t something I would even wish for! I almost lost my maternal grandmother. Shes’s something like a big deal. 😉 Not to just me, but this family, and you’ll be surprised at how much the thought of losing someone so close to you will have you question EVERYTHING about life. YOUR life. Or why wasn’t it you and not them?

My grandmother was on the phone with my step dad talking, when she told him she felt like going to pass out, and right after saying this, she did. We didn’t know it at the time but her heart had stopped. Thankfully, my uncle was there to do CPR. He’s usually out bike riding, but this day, they were cooking together. My uncle continued CPR until the medics came and took over. They’d been working on her for some time. A lot of time, actually. My mom called me bawling on the phone, so naturally I thought she didn’t make it – but she did. They were able to get something worth taking her to the hospital for…There she remained in an induced coma. Not doing anything, but laying there.

Fast forward to a month from then, I decided to take a last minute trip down to surprise her with her great grandsons. Talk about tired! We made the most of Saturday, since come Sunday we would be back on the road.

 We just celebrated her birthday, May 30th, and we are forever grateful to not ONLY have had that day to celebrate another year of life with her, but to have her period!

I worried myself about something so small, that life had to step in and show me to take chances! I lost two loved ones back to back within a month and a year later could’ve lost another. But during the visit home, I stepped back into a childhood memory and rode a bike! Yeah yeah yeah… I know another small thing, but 10+ years of not getting on a bike since being a child, I feared I would need to learn again. The lesson I learned was to one, not be so hard on myself and two, live in the moment.